China Delight

Meet Your Hosts

Meet Your Hosts

China Delight is Corvallis’ Healthy Food Choice!

A distinctive community’s local Chinese restaurant


China Delight Restaurant in Corvallis Oregon

Jack and Esther of China Delight Restaurant and Lounge in Corvallis Oregon

Jack’s Background

I grew up in a culinary family. My dad was a head chef for over 30 years. After I graduated from high school in Hong Kong, I started to work with him and learned my cooking skills from him. He always encouraged me to get new ideas from chefs who worked with different food preparation techniques and to learn from cookbooks.

It was through his teaching that I learned the process we use to create some of the fine dishes we offer at China Delight.

Esther’s Background

I found that I loved cooking right from my first home economics lesson when I was in high school.

After I graduated from the high school, I entered a Hotel Management school. When I graduated from there, I started my first job as a Hotel Trainee at Mandarin Oriental, a luxury hotel in Hong Kong.

I have a sensitivity to wheat, therefore I understand the needs of those who have special diet needs when dining out. As a result, both Jack and I work with our Executive Chef to design the most authentic Chinese dishes for our customers who have special diet needs.

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