About China Delight

Restaurant & Lounge

At China Delight, we bring the East to meet the West in the blending of our two cultures, which is evident throughout our menu.

China Delight offers a revolutionary new approach to Chinese cuisine by incorporating health conscious ideas with age-old Chinese cooking techniques. Healthy practices like no MSG, non-meat cooking sauces, vegetarian specialties, and purified water set China Delight apart from the other Corvallis and area Chinese restaurants.

We offer low-fat, low calorie, gourmet meals. In our food preparation, we use fresh vegetables and we offer vegetarian choices like tofu, tempeh, and seitan.

Award Winning Dining

We have been recognized as one of the Top 100 Local Favorite Chinese Restaurants in the United States.

The Top 100 Chinese Restaurants Awards is a national event that recognizes, cultivates, and preserves the best in Chinese cuisine standards and excellence. This special event awards the Top 100 restaurants in four categories. Recognition is awarded for excellence in two categories of dishes (Signature Dishes and Healthy Menus), and restaurants (Local Favorites and the most prestigious category, Overall Excellence).

The Top 100 competition is open to all Chinese restaurants in the U.S., garnering participation from newly established restaurants, seasoned restaurants, chain restaurants, as well as past winners.

Part of the Community

China Delight is an integral part of the Corvallis, Oregon community. We are committed to working with and contributing to this community. Your input is valued and we strive to listen to your suggestions for ways to better serve you, our customers.

Meet Your Hosts

Jack and Esther of China Delight Restaurant & Lounge


I grew up in a culinary family. My dad was a head chef for over 30 years. After I graduated from high school in Hong Kong, I started to work with him and learned my cooking skills from him. He always encouraged me to get new ideas from chefs who worked with different food preparation techniques and to learn from cookbooks.

It was through his teaching that I learned the process we use to create some of the fine dishes we offer at China Delight.


I found that I loved cooking right from my first home economics lesson when I was in high school.

After I graduated from the high school, I entered a Hotel Management school. When I graduated from there, I started my first job as a Hotel Trainee at Mandarin Oriental, a luxury hotel in Hong Kong.

I have a sensitivity to wheat, therefore I understand the needs of those who have special diet needs when dining out. As a result, both Jack and I work with our Executive Chef to design the most authentic Chinese dishes for our customers who also have special diet needs.